About Artescape

M.P Gogan
M.P Gogan

The Artescape Trust was founded in 1981 by Dr M.P.Gogan in Lincoln, UK. The original aim of the trust was to offer a years fellowship to an artist (later to two artists) providing a studio, living space and a garden which were rent and rates free.

Following Dr Gogan’s death in 1999, the trust has been through a major change and re-evaluation. The trust is now managed by Dr Gogan’s two daughters who are both directors of Artescape, and the blog is maintained by his grandson.

Dr Gogan’s aim for the trust to ‘enable and encourage artescape fellows towards constructive creativity’ still stands although there is no longer a studio or flat incorporated. Todays artescape wants to inspire and support artescape fellows towards creativity by providing the means for funding, exhibitions and publicity. Artescape is geared towards newly gualified students, who need exposure and support for their art works.

2 thoughts on “About Artescape

    1. Hello Alan,

      Thank you for contacting us. It is so good to hear you had a great time as an Artescape fellow. Would you like to come back to see us and/or give a lecture ?

      The house is no more bur the Artescape ethos continues as you have discovered..

      Ingrid Gill
      Artescape Director (MP’S daughter)

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